It’s been nearly a year since the humble beginning of “Clark Hill.” Clark Hill’s music has continued to grow, while the twenty acres where family mix on a daily basis known as the “Hill”, has remained the same. Music has, and will always remain the center of life for this group of guys and their families.

Things have progressed this past year and the group has traveled to over fourteen states, playing shows like Sturgis Bike Rally, Daytona Bike Week, Rhythm and Ribs Festival and more. This group has landed many shows all over the Southeast, with shows ranging from 200 fans to over 10,000, as well as landing the opportunity to play with numerous national acts in 2014 with a show billed as “Country’s Best Cruise.” During the cruise, Clark Hill will be playing with acts such as Trace Adkins, Wynona, Love and Theft, Montgomery Gentry and many more.

Clark Hill has proven that they are hardworking musicians and want everyone to know that, “As great as it is to hear people scream after an old hit, it is nothing compared to people screaming to one of our original songs.” As Jimmie says, “Even then nothing matches the feeling of accomplishment when reaching your goals one at a time … knowing you are earning it, is so satisfying.” There is a lot at stake when your name carries the name sake of the band, but being supported by the best cast in music accounts for a large amount of their early success. Michael Calderin, lead guitarist and brother-in-law of Clark, often brings Jimmie back to reality as he shoots for the stars and misses. Calderin says, “Shoot for the stars, and even if you miss, you’ll land on the moon.” This statement alone validates why they continue to push so hard when their dreams often seam unattainable. When Clark and Calderin set out to become original artists, they knew how hard it would be to forge a career in the most popular and competitive genre in the world, but what they didn't know was how their music would be propelled by an excited and motivated fan base. In seeing this, Clark Hill has chosen to stay close to home both literally and figuratively.

Being from North Florida these guys bleed Southern Rock, and growing up with that heart felt genre and has allowed this group of guys to infuse those elements into their version of mainstream current day “Country Music.” Their soon-to-be-released, “Stage Song”, says it best by letting the fans know that what they do is called, “Country with a twist of Southern Rock.” Calderin is humbled by the growth of Clark Hill’s fan base and never believed the group would headline a sold out show in less than a year after its inception. Both Clark and Calderin simply play for the fans. Both realize that their live shows give them elements of some of the greats who were bold enough to infuse some elements of Rock and Roll into their shows. Clark remembers Garth Brooks being dragged into the crowd by fans and jumping off stages into the crowd, leaving an impact on his performance that can't be ignored. These elements are always a part of Clark Hill shows, no matter how big or small. You will see Clark standing on a bar singing or moving through the floor singing directly to the crowd, maybe disappearing during a guitar solo, only to reappear singing behind you. With true southern rock swag, the mysterious Calderin, wearing his hat pulled low, entrances you as his fingers glide so quickly and easily over the neck of his vintage guitar. Then there's Bennie Clifton, another Southern Rocker, bass player and long-time friend of Calderin. Clifton more than entertains fans on his side of the stage. It has been said that Bennie has no clue how to stop having fun, but you’ll hear no fans complaining.

“Most interactive band and the greatest guys,” says Rider Now Magazine writer Sparky. “You will never see anything else like them and still get great guitar and clean vocals.” Come check out these guys and see if Sparky’s words ring true.

Clark Hill has recently completed studio work with co-producers Scott Tatter and Bill Parker. Both Tatter and Parker, have many credits to their name such as Deirks Bentley, Vince Gill, Kid Rock, and road and studio work with Rock band KORN among others. With the help of such talented guys, Clark Hill has independently released their hometown ode, “Pecan Pie”, which has received rave reviews and has quickly climbed into radio play time in numerous states. Also coming soon is their eight song, all original album, aptly called, “Between The Lines.” Clark states, “My greatest goal in life is to affect people in some positive way. I want to have fun, but it is more important that we use the gifts that God has given us to affect others.” Said like true Southerners, the boys of Clark Hill are ready to continue living their dream.

These guys are so humbled knowing that their friends have become fans, and their fans have become friends, and have chosen a path that has put them in the company of the greatest ever … “Country Music Fans.”



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